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A Message from the President

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

In 2012 Berkley Public Entity (BPE) was founded as a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation. As we thought about the mission of the new company, we kept coming back to several critical core characteristics: We must have strong interdisciplinary core competencies; we must strive to develop collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships between partners; we must excel at understanding and serving the evolving needs of the entities we work with. These competencies, partners and entities are symbolized by the four circles of our logo, which are in turn supported by the column which represents our combined single focus on creating and supporting long-lasting risk programs.

What, then, are the hallmarks of a long-lasting risk program, and how does BPE support one? Simply, we work best with entities that seek to “own their risk” and are driven to minimize the negative implications, both human and financial, of the services they provide. We use our multi-disciplined team to help create risk control and cost saving solutions that are often unique, and always carefully crafted. Our clients must know that we will always strive to provide resources to help them achieve this goal while also helping them benefit from the positive implications of effective management of risk. Through the close, trusting relationships we develop with our brokers and clients we are able to make thoughtful decisions based upon shared goals.

I am proud of our team at BPE. We share an extensive breadth and depth of expertise, ethical character, creative nature, and focus on service which benefits our partners. While young as a company we have practical experience delivering comprehensive solutions. We are a company that invests in and cares about our partners. We honor the commitments we make to our clients.

- Richard Vincelette

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