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Solely Committed to Public Entities

Students who need safe places to learn. Police forces committed to safely serve and protect. Public figures who tweet. Communities who need potable drinking water, reliable public services, and protection from terrorism.

These are the reasons we at Berkley Public Entity concentrate solely on public entities. Our expert team dedicates itself to their insurance, either as single entities or risk-sharing groups. 

Berkley Public Entity Premier

Berkley Public Entity provides liability insurance and reinsurance for public entities including municipalities, counties,

states, K-12 schools, community colleges, public utilities, special districts, and risk sharing groups.

We Provide: 

Limits of up to $5M

Customized Retentions

Underwriting Flexibility

Manuscript Coverage

The 3 Steps We Take with Our Clients


Square pegs don’t belong in round holes. Flexiblity around your unique requirements is a cornerstone of our underwriting process.


We take a “think tank”  approach to addressing claims. The outcome? A more efficient process and less costly claims for you.


Our track record shows that the customized combination of measures we put in place for each of our insureds cause for less risk - and less loss.

We work best with clients who are committed to protecting against risks.

Sharing this philosophy allows us to work together to effectively reduce risk and aggressively manage claims. 


We also consult with experts on specific exposures and set up programs to reduce exposure to loss.

Innovative Approach

From the start, we work with you in unique ways. Claims and underwriting collaborate and bring in risk control experts as needed. 


The outcome of this "think tank" approach? A
more efficient process and less costly claims for



Transparent discussions with you allow us to
respond quickly and nimbly.


Early and thorough analysis of your liability
allows us to provide funds very quickly after an

With an Eye

on Your Future

To us, claims are not only composed of dollars and
cents. We manage the
overall fallout, far beyond the financials.


We bring
in support and practical, tangible ways to help
soften the impact and minimize further damages.

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