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Rapid Response & Strong Teamwork

Exposures such as harassment, law enforcement, aging infrastructure, and cyber liability are challenging public entities to rethink how they manage and address claims.

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We are Conscious of Your Public Responsibility

Whenever the situation involves a sensitive nature or local politics, we remain mindful of preserving your community relationships and enhancing public relations.

Dedicated Claims Experience

Our claims team operates solely in the public entity space.

We understand that our clients are purchasing a promise behind our policy. 


That promise includes claims handling by dedicated experts with experience handling complex public entity claims. 

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Public Officials Liability

Law Enforcement Liability

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Sexual Misconduct Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Our Claims Team Has Particular Expertise With:

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Scholastic Liability

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Road Design

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Automobile Liability

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General Liability


Over 96%

of our clients with claims have renewed with us, because we work together to protect your reputation when things get tough.

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