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Meeting Risks

With a Plan

Helping our insureds with risk control is a priority.


Our track record shows that the measures we put in place result in less risk - and less risk means less loss for you.

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Customized Risk Control for you: Extraordinary Dedication to Your Loss Prevention

When you’re responsible to a community, purchasing insurance is critical in managing the demanding set of potential liabilities.
We know where the dangers lie – after all, we focus solely on public entities. We have studied, strategized, and collaborated to protect them. Together with industry experts, we apply our knowledge to help schools, counties and municipalities across America. 

We start by asking, "What can we do to help you with risk control?"

No two public entities are alike. Instead of a general suite of risk control resources, we work directly with our insureds to address their needs.  You get the real resources your individual entity needs, quickly and efficiently.

A Sampling of Programs We Offer Our Clients

Employment Law Consultaiton

We provide all of our clients with an employment practices law resource, complete with one-on-one access to attorneys for help as you need it.

Interactive School Safety Program

We provide a high-tech anti-bullying system helps schools reduce bullying with a confidential reporting app, collaborative incident management, tracking, resolution aids and more. 

School Bus Safety Training

School bus drivers are provided with training that highlights the most important tips for driving these particularly challenging vehicles.

From the very the beginning of working with you, we focus on filling gaps in your risk prevention. 

We also connect you with partners who can help reduce both your financial and reputational risks. 

Going forward, we track your results and help you adjust your approach as needed.

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction."

- John F. Kennedy, President of the United States of America  1961-1963

We Provide Assistance with These and Other Exposures

  • Corrections
  • Emergency Response

  • Infrastructure

  • Planning and Zoning

  • Public Transportation

  • Public Utilities

  • Public Housing

  • Special Needs Constituents

  • Youth Protection

  • Athletics and Recreation

  • Volunteers

  • Employee Relations

Our Affiliations

Association of Governmental Risk Pools

Public Risk Management Association

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