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Underwriting Your Community's Needs

When Berkley Public Entity underwrites your policy, we carefully consider the specific needs of your community.

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Our insurance and reinsurance offerings include coverage for individual counties, municipalities, school districts, as well as risk sharing groups, pools and trusts with: 

  • Limits of up to $5M available

  • Customized retentions and reinsurance programs

  • Flexibility and manuscript coverage

We aim to be a true partner to our clients and the brokers we work with. As partnerships work in collaboration, we have a more personalized touch than you would typically expect from your insurance provider.

How We Create Your Coverage Plan









We use them to tailor your coverage to protect you in many situations.

Your insurance policy shouldn’t disregard any of your own unique requirements. That’s why flexiblity is a cornerstone of our underwriting process. To map out your coverage, we incorporate the following:

So What Does Tailored Coverage Look Like for Our Insureds?

Flexible Structuring

We will fit your quote as closely as we can to the structure you are looking for. However, we will offer you better options wherever we see the opportunity.



We price with proprietary self-insured entity rates that reflect your specific exposures, adjusted for risk improvement measures you have taken and the loss history of your entity. 

We meet with our insureds in person to talk about mutual expectations, so if a claim comes in, you’re prepared.


You are paying for the promise of the best policy possible. We will work together to underwrite it, and we will stay closely connected with you to support it.

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